Cook Consulting, LLC
Civil Contractors

The Members

 Jon Burns
Jon functions as our "general superintendent" overseeing field work and can be contacted regarding scheduling of crews, equipment, and coordinating deilvery of materials and supplies.  He is our safety representative and generally available for pre-work meetings, progress meetings, and safety meetings.  To contact Jon by e-mail:

 Justin Cook
Justin also oversees field operations and can be contacted regarding scheduling of current as well as potential/future work.  He is responsible for most estimating and bidding and can be of assistance for field changes and other "unforseen conditions".  To contact Justin by email:
 Tom Martin
Tom acts as "operations manager" and can be contacted regarding A/R, A/P, payroll, bonding, insurance and other office functions.  He also is generally responsible for pre bid meetings, bid submission, preparation/execution of contracts and bonds,  pay applications, invoices, payroll reports, lien waivers and affidavits, permits, etc. To contact Tom by email:
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